In 1942, Einar Cook recognized a need in the farming community for innovative farm equipment. He established Cook Disc and Implements to invent and manufacture farm equipment that was robust and specially suited for a variety of crops.
In the 1950s, operations were expanded to include farming row crops such as cotton and wheat. To adapt to the changing economy and provide financial stability, light industrial and retail spaces were built and leased laying the foundation for Cook Land Company.
During the 1960s the name was changed to Cook Land Company as light industrial warehouses were built for lease on 20 acres on the corner of Shaw and Peach Avenues in Clovis.

Soon thereafter, the development evolved to include commercial uses such as a restaurant, service station, and corner market. In addition, farm land on Locan and Shepherd Avenues and Academy and Ashlan Avenues was subdivided for farming and residential development.
In the mid-1970s, the company reinvented itself in response to economic changes and farming operations ceased and additional warehouses were built and made available for lease.
During the 1980s Jerry Cook became a general partner of Cook Land Company and formed TJC Partners with his sons, Tosh and Todd Cook, to acquire and build light industrial buildings.
In the early 1990s, Einar Cook passed away and Jerry Cook became the sole General Partner along with his sisters, Karen McNally and Jean Brown, as limited partners. In 1995, Cook Land Company developed a 190,000 sq ft, Wal-Mart-anchored shopping center known as “Sunflower Marketplace” on the original Shaw and Peach Avenues property in Clovis, California.
In the 2000s, Cook Land Company continued to buy and build various light industrial warehouses, including the co-development of the Shields-Miami Business Park. Jerry Cook, in 2007, acquired sole ownership of Cook Land Company and it was converted to a corporation. In 2009, Todd Cook and Denise Cearbaugh joined Cook Land Company.